Should you work with Influence Podium? It depends.

The goal of this article isn’t to convince you to work with us at Influence Podium. It’s to share with you how we work, how we approach our partnerships, and what in our experience have been the determinants for successful and not-so-successful collaborations. From here, you can decide if we are a cultural and business […]

Our Own Case Study: How We Turned Influence Podium Into a Media Company

If there’s one pet peeve we have at Influence Podium is seeing companies not walk the talk. Can you imagine how hypocritical we’d be if we preached every single day that PR is dead and B2B companies need to become media companies to communicate with their market (prospects, employees, investors, etc.) and then, us – […]

From B2B Company To Media Company: How We See The World At Influence Podium

I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but PR is dead. The times of being controlled by Forbes, or Inc., or Entrepreneur Magazine… Those days are over. And that’s a good thing – no more asking for permission, no more attention-middlemen, no more overpaying fake PR agencies to buy you some fake credibility no one believes […]

Approaching Becoming A Media Company As A Product Roadmap

Turning your B2B company into a media company can be transformational, but it also seems like a daunting task. A media company’s content flywheel is all-encompassing – so many channels, so many different types of content, so many potential strategies and audiences to reach.  That is exactly why most B2B companies fail to become media […]