We help B2B brands companies escape competition

By creating a category they can own so they can win on brand and win more business.

We help B2B brands create their own category

Leverage content to own a new
category that helps you win on brand.


Incremental changes to your current category lead to forever competing on features, pricing, and short-lived tactics. It’s a race to the bottom – chasing the same demand every competitor of yours is chasing.

We help B2B brands design the strategy and the language that educates customers on why you’re new and different. It’s not just a marketing message. It’s the category-defining story that guides what you build, how you go to market, how you interact with your customers and investors. When you do this well, it has a business-changing impact on your bottom line.


Times have changed; the era of burning your reputation with cold calls and cold emails, hoping 1% becomes a “lead” and 1% of those converts in an endless sales cycle is long gone. Trade shows are out. PR is out. Even putting out mindless content won’t work. 

Instead, focus on the initiatives that create demand and are actually aligned to how B2B buyers buy – today, not 5-10 years ago. Scale word of mouth, referrals, community, and inbound by telling your story. Designing your new category, and then using content to change the market. You’re done chasing demand, create it and capture it so you can drive growth.


Whatever you optimize for is what you will get. In a world where your competitors are chasing markets, doing inefficient outreach, and putting out misaligned content, creating a new category is not just a brand pay you can’t measure – it’s a directly oriented move to building a new untapped market you can conquer and achieve the final outcome: inbound revenue, 


Other leading indicators we keep track of as we create demand are brand hours, social growth, site traffic, email subscribers, and highly-qualified MQLs. We also build the infrastructure to capture the demand we create so you don’t have a leaky bucket. 

The Difference

Category Chasers:

  • You’re chasing demand in very competitive markets
  • You don’t really have a moat: everything you do can be copied quickly 
  • CPAs rise and, at the same time, it’s a pricing rate to the bottom
  • Outbound is inefficient, inbound is unpredictable
  • You have a vision, but not a story. Stakeholders don’t immediately “get it.”

Category Champions:

  • You’re creating demand on an abundant category you’ve designed and own
  • Your category, your brand and your story are defensible moats
  • Create demand with higher win rates, shorter sales cycles and lower CACs
  • Every other marketing/sales initiative becomes more effective with a better story
  • Your story guides sales/marketing, fundraising, product, hiring… Stakeholders “get it.”