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Written Content

After understanding your goals and defining a content strategy, your personal ghostwriter will capture your voice to ink articles that position you as a thought leader.

Through weekly interviews, we will produce, create, and distribute (after your approval) your content to your target readers in your blog, Medium, LinkedIn, etc.

Audio Content

Podcasts can not only help you build a platform of avid listeners, but an added benefit is the strategic partnerships you’ll form through your guests.

Initially, we’ll help you set everything up so that you can get started. After that, we’ll help you with prospect outreach, editing and engineering, distribution (from Apple Podcasts to Spotify), etc.

Video Content

The power of video cannot be understated. But, without a professional producing team behind you, it’ll give the wrong impression.

We’ll help you ideate a video strategy, and we’ll turn your raw content into a storytelling masterpiece that your viewers will love. And don’t worry, we’ll also push it on your Facebook, Youtube and other social media profiles.

Social Media Management

Growing a social media platform allows you to redirect their attention towards your content. We will then create snippets –pictures, quotes, tweets, short videos, etc.– from your content pieces and repurpose them for socials.

Through our battle-tested growth strategies, you’ll see an increase in following and engagement. We can also manage your social media ads if you want to see results faster.

Email List

The key advantage of building an email list is that you “own” your audience – you don’t depend on algorithms or platforms. You can then freely engage with, redirect, and monetize your subscribers.

We’ll lead both organic and paid traffic to an opt-in page that we can also set up for you. Then, we will feed your list with a regular stream of high-value content.

Website Design

Having a personal website should be a must-have for every CEO looking to build his brand. It works as your “content headquarters,” lead generation, and the destination of all traffic.

If you don’t have an in-house team (or they’re too busy), our website developers specialize in personal-brand-focused sites that are intuitive, convert, and show you in the best light.

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